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Mumbai: One more bomb blast. One more bloodletting.Published in

September 25, 2011

One more bomb blast. One more bloodletting.
by Mathews V. George

One more bomb blast,
One more terrorist attack,
More splattered blood,
More pierced human body parts,
More hanging human body parts,
More helpless crying noise of innocent civilians,
More orphaned children,
More widows for reasons unknown to them.
One more bomb blast.

The bombs hit Mumbai last Wednesday. Then the condemnatory rhetoric pours from the mouth of Ban Ki Moon, who without any shame takes the dictates of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Then Hillary Clinton, the biggest hypocrite of the present world, condemns the terrorist act and at the same time establishes contact with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the forefather of all Islamic terror.

This article will not have English grammatical perfection or rhetorical beauty; however, these words are coming from a sobbing heart, a heart that is unable to even cry loudly.

As we Indians are losing all our hope of survival because of these continuing Islamic terror attacks on us, this is a humble effort to educate the civilized USA and the free Western world about the imminent danger that the West is going to face. “Today us, tomorrow you.”

The timeline of major Islamic terrorist attacks on Indian soil should be an eye opener for the USA and the West.

Varanasi, Dec 7, 2010: Two-year-old girl killed and 25 others injured in a blast which takes place between the Dashashwamedh and Shitla ghats on the river Ganga.Pune, Feb 13, 2010: 17 people killed and over 60 injured when a bomb rips out the famous German bakery in the city.

Mumbai, Nov 26, 2008: 166 people killed in coordinated serial explosions and indiscriminate firing across Mumbai including the crowded CST railway station and two five-star hotels — Oberoi and Taj.

Assam, Oct 30, 2008: At least 77 killed and over 100 injured in 18 bombings across Assam.

Imphal, Oct 21, 2008: 17 killed in a powerful blast near Manipur Police Commando complex.

Malegaon, Maharashtra, Sep 29, 2008: Five people killed after a bomb kept in a motorbike goes off in a crowded market.

Modasa, Gujarat, Sep 29, 2008: One killed and several injured after a low-intensity bomb kept on a motorcycle goes
off near a mosque.

New Delhi, Sep 27, 2008: Three people killed after a crude bomb is thrown in a busy market in Mehrauli.

New Delhi, Sep 13, 2008: 26 people killed in six blasts across the city.

Ahmedabad, July 26, 2008: 57 people killed after 20 synchronised blasts in less than two hours.

Bangalore, July 25, 2008: One person killed in a low-intensity bomb explosion.

Jaipur, May 13, 2008: 68 people killed in serial bombings.

January 2008: Terrorist attack on CRPF camp in Rampur kills eight.

October 2007: Two killed in blast inside Ajmer Sharif shrine in Rajasthan during Ramzan.

August 2007: 30 dead, 60 hurt in Hyderabad terror strike.

May 2007: A blast at Mecca mosque in Hyderabad kills 11 people.

February 19, 2007: Two bombs explode on board a train bound from India to Pakistan, burning to death at least 66 passengers, most of them Pakistanis.

September 2006: 30 dead and 100 hurt in twin blasts at a mosque in Malegaon.

July 2006: Seven bombs on Mumbai’s trains kill over 200 and injure 700 others.

March 2006: Twin bombings at a train station and a temple in Varanasi kill 20 people.

October 2005: Three bombs placed in busy New Delhi markets a day before Diwali kill 62 people and injure hundreds.


While analyzing the above Islamic terrorist attacks and the logical conclusions that one can draw from them, one thing you can learn is that except for some acts done for appearance’s sake, no single case was pursued far enough to secure the convictions of the guilty that should have been attained.

Here the power of the Islamic lobby played a dangerous role inside the government.

In my previous post, dated July 2, 2011, I wrote about the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), the biggest terrorist organisation in India. It is a part of the Central (Indian word for federal) Government. This organization is represented by one Mr. E Ahamed, whose organisation was actively involved in the Narikkottiri bomb blast and the Maaraadu massacre. IUML cadres lost their lives in the Narikkottiri/Kerala bomb blast.

Now let us turn to the Indian Mujahidin (IM). What is the Indian Mujahidin? The Indian Mujahidin is the militant wing of the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). All the IM terrorists who have been caught by the agencies were once active in SIMI circle. The parent organization of SIMI is Jamaat e Islami, whose ideological forefathers are Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi, Sayyid Qutb, and Hassan Al-Banna. Now you have some idea how the Muslim Brotherhood works in its effort to capture the world and impose Hukkumathe Ilahi (the rule of their god) across the globe!

In India, we have already lost; at least you in the West still have a chance to be safe from this savages.

Now the irony is that the present Central (Federal) cabinet minister for Law and Minority (Muslim) Affairs of the Government of India, Mr. Salman Kurshid, was a counsel for this terrorist organisation SIMI in India’s Supreme Court after the then-central government banned this organization. This minister tried to bail out and whitewash the Islamic terrorist organization SIMI and always defended it in every public forum, just as Nihad Awad and Ibrahim Hooper defend the terrorist organizations Hamas and Hizballah in the USA. This Salman Kurshid even vied for the presidency of the India Islamic Cultural Centre, which can be equated to Hamas-linked CAIR in the USA; however, he lost.

This is the scenario in India: imagine, you who are in the USA and the West, what would be the outcome if Keith Ellison become the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State? Imagine if the Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Ibrahim Hooper, Siraj Wahaj, or Bassam Khafagi become Attorney General in your country. Imagine if CAIR became an alliance partner of the Democratic Party of the USA, or al-Mujahiroun became an alliance partner of the British Labour party. Imagine Anjem Choudhary becoming minister for legal affairs in the Government of the UK.

Yes, you can’t imagine these things even in your wildest dreams, but we, the helpless Indians, are living in just such a reality: powerful Islamic terrorists are ruling us today. We Indians are a lost cause. We Indians are resigned to our destiny. We Indians can’t even dream a beautiful tomorrow. Islamic terrorists can strike us anywhere at anytime, since our present government, led by UPA, is controlled and dictated by this powerful lobby of ministers like E Ahamed and Salman Kurshid.

Mathews V. George is a human rights activist who writes from India.

July 4 in Kerala: one of the blackest days in history. Published in

September 25, 2011

July 4 in Kerala: one of the blackest days in history
by Mathews V. George

Hello and best wishes to all freedom loving Americans on the occasion of America’s Independence Day, July 4th.

While the United States of America remembers and celebrates July 4th as your Independence Day, the freedom lovers in India’s Kerala state remember July 4th as one of the blackest day in its history.

On the 4th of July 2010, Dar ul kadal, the Islamic court of India/Kerala, implemented its first act of Islamic sharia law by chopping off the hand of Professor T. J. Joseph, an upright and honest professor who is an exemplary teacher.

The irony is that twenty-six people who are accused in this case are still at large and might be living in luxury in any Islamic safe haven.

Kerala is a state of India that has become a hotbed of Islamic jihad terrorists for quite some time. The tiny state of Kerala has become an exporting hub of Islamic terror across India and the world over. These Islamic terrorist activities have reached such a peak that jihadists even dared to attack the country’s armed forces in Kashmir, another hotbed of Islamic terrorism.

Love jihad is another mode of jihad activity, in which thousands of non-Muslim girls are trapped and traded across the globe; this is actively financed by Islamic fundamentalists. News of these activities has been published in the mainstream media and in India is a matter of serious debate.

The most unfortunate aspect of all this is that Kerala is ruled by Indian Union Muslim League, the strongest Islamic terrorist organization, which won 20 seats in the most recently concluded provincial assembly election in Kerala. This Islamic terrorist organization was involved in the maaraad massacre, in which eight Hindus were hacked to death while they were sleeping in the wee hours of the night.

The details of this gruesome incident are as follows. On 2nd May 2003, a group of armed Islamic jihad terrorists ambushed poor Hindu fishermen on a beach at Kozhikode, Maaradu, These fishermen were presumably of the caste that is weakest in the economic strata of the Indian/Kerala society. Islamic terrorist organizations have been active in persecuting this minority, poor Hindu fishermen, from time immemorial.

But nobody is bothered about these poor souls’ rights. Everyone was worried that the Islamic jihad terrorists might not be able to come back and occupy their houses among the Hindus. Yes, these were people who had known about the coming massacre and had strategically left the area en masse quietly a day before, and in whose mosques blood-stained swords and other weapons were found. The irony is that the women’s wing of the Islamic jihad group had formed a cordon around the mosques to prevent police from going in. The women’s wing females were active collaborators in this jihad act.

Indian Union Muslim League workers were actively involved in this terrorist act, and some of them were even punished. Another incident of the same nature took place a couple of months before, in which two Hindu fishermen died in the attack by Islamic jihad terrorists. The date of that incident was 3rd Jan 2002.

And in a recent incident, there was a bomb explosion in which five cadres of the Indian Union Muslim League died while dispatching the deadly bombs to different places in India/Kerala.

It is assumed that their real intention was to place these bombs in airports and other places where people gather in large groups, so as to kill thousands of innocent civilians in India/ Kerala and spread mayhem and terror in the hearts of millions. If the plans of this jihad had succeeded, the country would have been a huge graveyard.

My intention in writing this article is to make all freedom-loving Americans aware of how a minority community of Islamic jihad terrorists can turn the beacon of freedom of speech and expression into a country of chaos and civil war. America is the light and strength of the free world, similar to India, and every freedom lover prays that it will remain so in all its glory.

Mathews V. George is a human rights activist who writes from India.

The Role of Christian Clergy managed schools in the rise of Islamic terrorism in Kerala.

June 30, 2011

Some recent incidents, which took place inside and outside Kerala forcing us to assume about interlink between Christian educational institutions and Islamic terrorism which is spreading as a deadly cancer.


An in-depth analyzing about the educational back ground of the Islamic terrorists, who caught by authorities for their devilish acts on the soil of our mother land on many different occasions brought us to the conclusion which show us that almost all this terrorists were studied in Christian clergy managed institutions. A best example is the upbringing of Nazir in UC College in Aaluvaa and the terrorists who involved in the hand chopping case of Prof. Joseph in Thodupuzha.



An undoubted clear picture emerging from the admission issue of the present education minister Mr. Abdu Rub’s kin in Christian clergy managed Jubilee mission medical college. The said minister Mr. Abdu Rub is a leader of Indian Union Muslim League which is the biggest Islamic terrorist organization in Kerala. These outfit actively involved in Maaradu massacre and Narikkottiri bomb blast in which five of their own workers tasted their own medicine. But the present Government of Kerala hardly taking any concrete step to conduct a fair enquiry and bringing the culprits and their real intention to create catastrophe and mayhem in our mother land.


The scenes which people had seen immediately after election is an eye opener No Keralite who had left some self respect inside them will never entertain Mr. Kunjaalikutty the present minister of Kerala and leader of the terrorist outfit IUML inside their homes. Since he is a known womanizer and always behind of under aged girls, which his own brother in law testified before media on several occasion. How ever Mr. K. M. Maani another minister entertained the said pedophile in his home immediately after the election. Here we are again forced to assume, is Maani a part of Kunjaalikutty’s supply chain………?????????. Mr. K M Maani’s character shows he will go to any extend to survive and be in power politics.


The most unfortunate incident is that Mr. Joseph who lost his hand was terminated from the service by the Christian clergy led by Bishop of Kothamangalam. Since Mr. Joseph was an upright and honest person the role of clergy also a subject matter of investigation.


All the above facts point the finger of suspicion towards the unseen interlink between these communal forces and their evil design to conspire the sabotage of Kerala’s peace and tranquility.

Communism- Fall of last fort.

May 18, 2011

“Bolsheviks stood for getting power through the ballot box but would reconsider after they got the guns!”

The above sentence gives the sense of real character of Communists where ever they are.

The formation of Indian communist party (ies), identically to play the role of socialist thought process unlike congress who were ideologically bankrupt however  with a single point agenda of India’s freedom. Through out the history of communists in India we can see it played a b team of congress on several occasion like the split during 1964, Indicate and syndicate, emergency etc..

Even though the birth of communist party in India under the mysterious 10, 000 pound controversy, they somehow managed to create inroads in several states by selling dreams of “proletarians international” to the masses who were illiterate or semi literate during India’s independence struggle and after independence.

The actions of communists in India were always controlled remotely at the hands to British Imperialism and even went against to the Indian masses aspirations before independence. It played a deceptive role during “Quit India” movement along with Muslim league and sided with British imperialism and later the Soviet Imperialism immediately after independence. It never had an identity or distinctive character similar to their Chinese counter parts who at least considered nation above everything even though it is a combination of fascists Mafiosi  thugs who religiously following “the only real power comes out of a long rifle.”

Unlike congress’s non violence tryst with destiny, communist movements all overIndia, always struggled to have an ideological alternative to congress for the Indian masses. It always mired in controversies and conspiracies like, first Peshawar conspiracy, second Peshawar conspiracy,Moscow conspiracy and Kanpur conspiracy. The misadventures in Telengana, Punnapra Vayalar, Onchiyam and Kayoor the list is endless in which thousands of innocent peasants and workers sacrificed their life and future, for the comforts and future power play of the elite commissar leadership. While introspecting the above incidents we can find that not a single national or state level elite leaders where martyred like the great sacrifice of  Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherji’s martyrdom in Kashmir to make entry to Kashmir for the rest of India. It was always the burden of working class’s to produce martyrs, widows and orphans. While in underground this commissars created a new generation of single mothers too as their achievement towards socialist empowerment. Soul-less quislings…..

As we had seen through out the contemporary political history of Indian communists were always anti nationals and went further in the event of formation of Pakistan and supporting Chinaduring 1962 war. These blind supports towards aliens of the country rooted communist existence in majority Indians heart expect in West Bengal and Kerala. We shouldn’t forget that communist party asked its Muslim supporters to join in Muslim league and actively involved in direct action day and the brutal massacre of innocent unarmed non Muslims through out the then Bengaland its neighboring states. 

Time and again Indian communists immensely helped Islamic terrorist organization like Indian Union Muslim League, PDP of Abdul Nazzer Madani who was an accused in one of the heinous crime against humanity “the coimbatore bomb blast case” who cools his heels in Banglore jail on an other terror related offence, Popular front, SDPI. Immediately after the independence IUML remained a dead horse and side lined from the main stream political arena. How ever the communists of Kerala headed by E M S Namboodiripad who kept aside all the fundamental principal of the party and allied with this Islamic terrorist organization during 1967’s “Saptha Kakshi” (seven party coalition). The above incident was the first slap on the Kerala’s secular conscience after the 1921st’s Mappila riots in Malabar. Supporting Islamic terrorist’s organizations repeated by the communists in the wake of Maaradu massacre in which 8 Hindus brutally hacked to death and 15 became the living dead. They went ahead and vehemently supported Islamic jihadi terrorists belong to Muslim league and arranged shelters and feed the culprits chicken and mutton biriyani. The most unfortunate part is that on the above incident the communists, congress and all terrorist Islamic organizations vehemently opposed investigation by a credible agency like C.B.I. Here too the communists miserably failed to uphold their own so called basic principal like secularism.

Numerous Islamic terrorist attacks took place in our motherland by Islamic jehadi terrorists. Communists had a historical duty of condemning such acts and meeting the ones who were affected, however no strong word of condemnation or meeting the effected took place by the communists. They were taking too much interest about sneezing and snorting of Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghanis and condemning the acts of America and Israel as if like that is the only call of their duty.

As years passed communists in India become a party, who’s only activity is continuously doing historical blunders and habitual of mistakes.

Concluding this article with out mentioning how they dig their own grave in Kerala will be a futile exercise. Out of one hundred and forty assembly constituencies in Kerala, CPM led LDF secured sixty eight seats and congress led UDF in seventy two. A close analyses on this results force us to assume that millions of petro-dolors  crossed hands and some fraction of communists cross voted to Muslim league and UDF in four assembly constituencies like, Manjeshwar, Kasargode, Palakkad and Kattakada. All this places BJP came second or close to second. All this places the UDF candidates won. If the communist fraction didn’t played this self destruction the result would be like this. The LDF 68, UDF 68 and BJP four. Since CPM is the single largest party they would have form the Government as per constitutional guide lines. By cross voting to Muslim league and UDF, the communists cheated their own cadre and voters and nailed their own coffin.

R I P.

Communism (inIndia).

Birth                             – Unknown like almost every other wickedness.

Death                           – 13/05/2011.

Mathews V. George.    


After Saturday comes Sunday

May 17, 2011

After Maaradu comes Thodupuzha.

“After Saturday comes Sunday” which is deep routed phrase among Palestine Islamic terror groups like, Hamas, Hezbollah and PLO.

All Kerlites irrespective of their religious and political affiliations are aware that Kerala became a laboratory of Islamic Jihadi terrorists. Their misadventures in Maaradu and Thodupuzha clearly prove that this so called Islamic jihadi violent forces want Kerala to become another Lebanon or Kashmir.

The story of Lebenon clearly teaches us how demographic change can dump a developed country in chaos and permanent civil war. A care full analyzes of Lebanon clearly taking us to a conclusion that, how a majority Christian country that too the most developed one with out any oil production in middle East become a minority Christian country and the Christian genocide of four and a half lakhs Christians. The irony is that when matter of killing Christians in Lebanon, The so called, PLO, Hezbollah, Hamas, Communist party of Lebanon leaders like, Kamal Jhumbalatt, Anees Abu, Karim Muier, Anwar Yaseen and Sadallah vigourously united and unleashed terror through out  Lebanon. These allies in terror had only one object, “Genocide of Majority Christians and change the demographic equation.

The stories of the Kashmiri Hindus are the same however I am not elaborating since it is well known to all our readers.

Kerala is a peaceful, partly secular and democratic state, which always trying to upkeep its harmonious equilibriums in its chemistry. How ever Islamic jihadi terrorists with evil design, supremacist tendencies and aggressive posture had made deep inroads inside the state. To defeat this Islamic jihadi terrorists in their object we all Keralites to unite irrespective of their religious believe whether Hindus, Christians or any other secular (not pseudo) peace loving communities to come together and identify this enemies of civilizations.

Let the worst to happen during our period so that our children can sleep peacefully.

Unfolding some of the incidents like Maaradu, Thodupuzha and similar numerous other Islamic jihadi terrorist issues, we can understand both UDF and LDF together or separately created hindrance and hazels in the due process of the implementation of the law to complete its course by not letting agencies like CBI or NIA to take this cases and reaching a finale where all involved are punished. Here we can see justice denied to all or some of the aggrieved.

Around 25, half of the accused in Thodupuzha hand chopping case is still safely living somewhere on earth may be with all luxuries. In any such heinous criminal case one or two criminals can remain beyond the reach however altogether 25 heinous Islamic jihadi criminals who involved in a seditious and treachery of nation are remain absconded is first time in the history of any criminal case in a democratic set up anywhere in the world. It is an act of a deep routed well networked Islamic jihadi terrorist movement which may have backing of International terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, PLO etc…

The hesitation to refer the both cases to a credible agency like NIA or CBI is a failure from the part of both Central and state governments force peace loving and secular people of Kerala to assume an international conspiracy in these incidents. During initial stage Mullappally Ramachandran the minister of state for home affairs proclaimed that a credible agency LIKE CBI or NIA will investigate the case upon request of government of Kerala. A lot of exchange of words took place between Mr. Mullapally and Mr. Balakrishnan(modern Beria). How ever both decided to take another issue which can bring more attention from public and effectively brought “LOTTERY ISSUE”. The UDF and LDF played well and succeed in that new issue and hand chopping became a non issue for Keralites.

The irony is that both were on the payroll of Lottery syndicate.

The most unfortunate aspect is that the Chief Minister doesn’t have any authority on modern Beria the home minister. The citizens of Kerala can’t look forward safety or a proper investigation to conclude the logical end. The head of police force the DGP himself habitual affidavit manipulator and he shifted his stand time to time according to the wishes of his superior the modern Beria. I wonder to which priest he is confessing!!!!!!!!

Assembly election is round the corner and the ruling LDF don’t want to arrest more Islamic jihadi terrorists since they assume that it can lead to loss of power. May be because of the same reason the UDF too not at all showing any interest in taking this issue as an election related one. The both are unfortunately not aware of the power of effected people belongs to the both incidents and other terrorist acts can be united and capable of changing Kerala’s political equations.

The peace loving majority Keralites, who is starving for justice, will unite against to these political manipulations and maneuverings will throw these appeasement forces to the abyss of the Bay of Bengal. If we don’t send an alternative force like BJP in at least 20 to 25 places in the coming assembly election all type of Islamic Jihadi terrorism will flourish like never before. Next Kerala’s Government may be led by UDF, which will be a combination of petrodollar and power which have explosive capability more than any invented weapons of mass destruction. Kerala will witness another Lebanon or Kashmir. Super terrorist become super chief minister.

We our self shall not be a reason for our own destruction. Time to realize there is a “devil in every grape”. Don’t let the Saturday and Sunday to come to our shores.


Aman Ki Aasha A well conceived deceit program by ISI.

May 17, 2011

Circulation obsessed pseudo secular Indian media (not all) is becoming a tool in the hands of Punjabi Pakistani administration to whom the only passion is bleeding our country with thousands wounds.Pakistanis a country where only one state has predominance & executive power is Punjabi dominated Pakistan. All Pakistani agencies like, ISI, Military, Government, Judiciary & media is controlled & managed by these powers with a section of power hungry leaders from Pashtunistan.

It’s the time we should ask how many Sindhis, Balochis, FATAs, POKs & Giljit, Baltistanis are in this Aman Ki Aasha bandwagon ? How many Pakistani minorities like Hindus, Christians, Buddhists & Ahmedias are there in the Aman Ki Aasha bandwagon?

More or less zero.

The entire population of Baluchistan want a separate Baluchistan and they were the first independent nation in thisSouth Asia. Baluchistan got freedom even before the formation ofPakistanorIndia. Baluchistan was an independent sovereign state even beforePakistanwas created out ofIndiain 1947. Baluchistan was forcefully annexed intoPakistanagainst the wishes of Baluch people, in March 27, 1948, at gunpoint by the Punjabi Pakistani Terrorist army. Since then Baluch are fighting against the Pakistani illegal occupation of their land and exploitation of their resources.Pakistanis in violation of international law for its continuous illegal occupation ofBaluchistanand exploitation of Baluch resources. Pakistani army has committed war crimes against the Baluch people inBaluchistan. These war crimes include indiscriminate bombing women and children, use of chemical weapons, rape, torture, murder, disappearances and displacement of thousands of Baluch people, testing its nuclear weapons in Baluchistan, rendering hundreds of miles of Baluch lands into waste and leading to thousands of nomadic lives to perish, causing abnormal birth defects and spread of other diseases as a result of radio active materials. These and many other crimes are well documented by independent human rights organizations. They all constitute crimes against humanity and call for international intervention and action that is long overdue. In short genocide before our naked eyes. Where are you the Aman Ki aasha waloon? Why can’ you extend your hands of Aman Ki Aasha towards the Baluchis first?

It’s an absolute Hypocrisy of the  Aman Ki Asha while no aman is extended to people of POK whose very democratic rights are at the will of  the minister ofKashmiraffairs and Punjabi dominated Pakistani military mafia. An SP or a village officer from Punjabi Pakistan can dismiss the elected President or Prime minister of POK the funniest democracy ever heard! The hundreds of thousands of people affected by the Mangla dam are still to be rehabilitated and the revenue on the same is not reached to the local Government Aman Ki Aasha waloon you listening?

The people of Baltistan- Gilgit  become the slaves of Chinese army since Punjabi Pakistan outsourced the administration of Balawaristan to Chinese government. Hundreds of thousands of women and children of Balawaristan are subject to the torture and atrocities committing by ruthless Chinese army. It is real tragic to hear that leaders from Baltistan- Gilgit like Mr. Manzoor Hussain openly asking for a part ofIndia’s charity towards Punjabi Pakistan on the flood relief. Where are you Aman Ki Aasha waloon?

Millions of Pakistanis in the northwest tribal areas live in a human rights free zone where they have no legal protection by the government and are subject to abuses by the Taleban.
Nearly 4 million people are effectively living under the Taleban in northwestPakistan without rule of law and effectively abandoned by the Punjabi-Pakistani government.

The residents of FATA continue to be governed by a colonial-era law, the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) of 1901, which denies basic constitutional rights and protections for the residents of FATA, including their rights to political representation, judicial appeal, and freedom from collective punishment. Are you Aman Ki Aasha wala or Merchant of Death?

Citizens of India beware this is an act of deceit instigated by the most uncivilized, ruthless, brutal, barbaric, inhuman, dirty, Punjabi dominated,Pakistani military mafia’s Demonic child ISI.

Hello world!

May 17, 2011

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