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Aman Ki Aasha A well conceived deceit program by ISI.

May 17, 2011

Circulation obsessed pseudo secular Indian media (not all) is becoming a tool in the hands of Punjabi Pakistani administration to whom the only passion is bleeding our country with thousands wounds.Pakistanis a country where only one state has predominance & executive power is Punjabi dominated Pakistan. All Pakistani agencies like, ISI, Military, Government, Judiciary & media is controlled & managed by these powers with a section of power hungry leaders from Pashtunistan.

It’s the time we should ask how many Sindhis, Balochis, FATAs, POKs & Giljit, Baltistanis are in this Aman Ki Aasha bandwagon ? How many Pakistani minorities like Hindus, Christians, Buddhists & Ahmedias are there in the Aman Ki Aasha bandwagon?

More or less zero.

The entire population of Baluchistan want a separate Baluchistan and they were the first independent nation in thisSouth Asia. Baluchistan got freedom even before the formation ofPakistanorIndia. Baluchistan was an independent sovereign state even beforePakistanwas created out ofIndiain 1947. Baluchistan was forcefully annexed intoPakistanagainst the wishes of Baluch people, in March 27, 1948, at gunpoint by the Punjabi Pakistani Terrorist army. Since then Baluch are fighting against the Pakistani illegal occupation of their land and exploitation of their resources.Pakistanis in violation of international law for its continuous illegal occupation ofBaluchistanand exploitation of Baluch resources. Pakistani army has committed war crimes against the Baluch people inBaluchistan. These war crimes include indiscriminate bombing women and children, use of chemical weapons, rape, torture, murder, disappearances and displacement of thousands of Baluch people, testing its nuclear weapons in Baluchistan, rendering hundreds of miles of Baluch lands into waste and leading to thousands of nomadic lives to perish, causing abnormal birth defects and spread of other diseases as a result of radio active materials. These and many other crimes are well documented by independent human rights organizations. They all constitute crimes against humanity and call for international intervention and action that is long overdue. In short genocide before our naked eyes. Where are you the Aman Ki aasha waloon? Why can’ you extend your hands of Aman Ki Aasha towards the Baluchis first?

It’s an absolute Hypocrisy of the  Aman Ki Asha while no aman is extended to people of POK whose very democratic rights are at the will of  the minister ofKashmiraffairs and Punjabi dominated Pakistani military mafia. An SP or a village officer from Punjabi Pakistan can dismiss the elected President or Prime minister of POK the funniest democracy ever heard! The hundreds of thousands of people affected by the Mangla dam are still to be rehabilitated and the revenue on the same is not reached to the local Government Aman Ki Aasha waloon you listening?

The people of Baltistan- Gilgit  become the slaves of Chinese army since Punjabi Pakistan outsourced the administration of Balawaristan to Chinese government. Hundreds of thousands of women and children of Balawaristan are subject to the torture and atrocities committing by ruthless Chinese army. It is real tragic to hear that leaders from Baltistan- Gilgit like Mr. Manzoor Hussain openly asking for a part ofIndia’s charity towards Punjabi Pakistan on the flood relief. Where are you Aman Ki Aasha waloon?

Millions of Pakistanis in the northwest tribal areas live in a human rights free zone where they have no legal protection by the government and are subject to abuses by the Taleban.
Nearly 4 million people are effectively living under the Taleban in northwestPakistan without rule of law and effectively abandoned by the Punjabi-Pakistani government.

The residents of FATA continue to be governed by a colonial-era law, the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) of 1901, which denies basic constitutional rights and protections for the residents of FATA, including their rights to political representation, judicial appeal, and freedom from collective punishment. Are you Aman Ki Aasha wala or Merchant of Death?

Citizens of India beware this is an act of deceit instigated by the most uncivilized, ruthless, brutal, barbaric, inhuman, dirty, Punjabi dominated,Pakistani military mafia’s Demonic child ISI.

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