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Communism- Fall of last fort.

May 18, 2011

“Bolsheviks stood for getting power through the ballot box but would reconsider after they got the guns!”

The above sentence gives the sense of real character of Communists where ever they are.

The formation of Indian communist party (ies), identically to play the role of socialist thought process unlike congress who were ideologically bankrupt however  with a single point agenda of India’s freedom. Through out the history of communists in India we can see it played a b team of congress on several occasion like the split during 1964, Indicate and syndicate, emergency etc..

Even though the birth of communist party in India under the mysterious 10, 000 pound controversy, they somehow managed to create inroads in several states by selling dreams of “proletarians international” to the masses who were illiterate or semi literate during India’s independence struggle and after independence.

The actions of communists in India were always controlled remotely at the hands to British Imperialism and even went against to the Indian masses aspirations before independence. It played a deceptive role during “Quit India” movement along with Muslim league and sided with British imperialism and later the Soviet Imperialism immediately after independence. It never had an identity or distinctive character similar to their Chinese counter parts who at least considered nation above everything even though it is a combination of fascists Mafiosi  thugs who religiously following “the only real power comes out of a long rifle.”

Unlike congress’s non violence tryst with destiny, communist movements all overIndia, always struggled to have an ideological alternative to congress for the Indian masses. It always mired in controversies and conspiracies like, first Peshawar conspiracy, second Peshawar conspiracy,Moscow conspiracy and Kanpur conspiracy. The misadventures in Telengana, Punnapra Vayalar, Onchiyam and Kayoor the list is endless in which thousands of innocent peasants and workers sacrificed their life and future, for the comforts and future power play of the elite commissar leadership. While introspecting the above incidents we can find that not a single national or state level elite leaders where martyred like the great sacrifice of  Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherji’s martyrdom in Kashmir to make entry to Kashmir for the rest of India. It was always the burden of working class’s to produce martyrs, widows and orphans. While in underground this commissars created a new generation of single mothers too as their achievement towards socialist empowerment. Soul-less quislings…..

As we had seen through out the contemporary political history of Indian communists were always anti nationals and went further in the event of formation of Pakistan and supporting Chinaduring 1962 war. These blind supports towards aliens of the country rooted communist existence in majority Indians heart expect in West Bengal and Kerala. We shouldn’t forget that communist party asked its Muslim supporters to join in Muslim league and actively involved in direct action day and the brutal massacre of innocent unarmed non Muslims through out the then Bengaland its neighboring states. 

Time and again Indian communists immensely helped Islamic terrorist organization like Indian Union Muslim League, PDP of Abdul Nazzer Madani who was an accused in one of the heinous crime against humanity “the coimbatore bomb blast case” who cools his heels in Banglore jail on an other terror related offence, Popular front, SDPI. Immediately after the independence IUML remained a dead horse and side lined from the main stream political arena. How ever the communists of Kerala headed by E M S Namboodiripad who kept aside all the fundamental principal of the party and allied with this Islamic terrorist organization during 1967’s “Saptha Kakshi” (seven party coalition). The above incident was the first slap on the Kerala’s secular conscience after the 1921st’s Mappila riots in Malabar. Supporting Islamic terrorist’s organizations repeated by the communists in the wake of Maaradu massacre in which 8 Hindus brutally hacked to death and 15 became the living dead. They went ahead and vehemently supported Islamic jihadi terrorists belong to Muslim league and arranged shelters and feed the culprits chicken and mutton biriyani. The most unfortunate part is that on the above incident the communists, congress and all terrorist Islamic organizations vehemently opposed investigation by a credible agency like C.B.I. Here too the communists miserably failed to uphold their own so called basic principal like secularism.

Numerous Islamic terrorist attacks took place in our motherland by Islamic jehadi terrorists. Communists had a historical duty of condemning such acts and meeting the ones who were affected, however no strong word of condemnation or meeting the effected took place by the communists. They were taking too much interest about sneezing and snorting of Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghanis and condemning the acts of America and Israel as if like that is the only call of their duty.

As years passed communists in India become a party, who’s only activity is continuously doing historical blunders and habitual of mistakes.

Concluding this article with out mentioning how they dig their own grave in Kerala will be a futile exercise. Out of one hundred and forty assembly constituencies in Kerala, CPM led LDF secured sixty eight seats and congress led UDF in seventy two. A close analyses on this results force us to assume that millions of petro-dolors  crossed hands and some fraction of communists cross voted to Muslim league and UDF in four assembly constituencies like, Manjeshwar, Kasargode, Palakkad and Kattakada. All this places BJP came second or close to second. All this places the UDF candidates won. If the communist fraction didn’t played this self destruction the result would be like this. The LDF 68, UDF 68 and BJP four. Since CPM is the single largest party they would have form the Government as per constitutional guide lines. By cross voting to Muslim league and UDF, the communists cheated their own cadre and voters and nailed their own coffin.

R I P.

Communism (inIndia).

Birth                             – Unknown like almost every other wickedness.

Death                           – 13/05/2011.

Mathews V. George.    


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