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The Role of Christian Clergy managed schools in the rise of Islamic terrorism in Kerala.

June 30, 2011

Some recent incidents, which took place inside and outside Kerala forcing us to assume about interlink between Christian educational institutions and Islamic terrorism which is spreading as a deadly cancer.


An in-depth analyzing about the educational back ground of the Islamic terrorists, who caught by authorities for their devilish acts on the soil of our mother land on many different occasions brought us to the conclusion which show us that almost all this terrorists were studied in Christian clergy managed institutions. A best example is the upbringing of Nazir in UC College in Aaluvaa and the terrorists who involved in the hand chopping case of Prof. Joseph in Thodupuzha.



An undoubted clear picture emerging from the admission issue of the present education minister Mr. Abdu Rub’s kin in Christian clergy managed Jubilee mission medical college. The said minister Mr. Abdu Rub is a leader of Indian Union Muslim League which is the biggest Islamic terrorist organization in Kerala. These outfit actively involved in Maaradu massacre and Narikkottiri bomb blast in which five of their own workers tasted their own medicine. But the present Government of Kerala hardly taking any concrete step to conduct a fair enquiry and bringing the culprits and their real intention to create catastrophe and mayhem in our mother land.


The scenes which people had seen immediately after election is an eye opener No Keralite who had left some self respect inside them will never entertain Mr. Kunjaalikutty the present minister of Kerala and leader of the terrorist outfit IUML inside their homes. Since he is a known womanizer and always behind of under aged girls, which his own brother in law testified before media on several occasion. How ever Mr. K. M. Maani another minister entertained the said pedophile in his home immediately after the election. Here we are again forced to assume, is Maani a part of Kunjaalikutty’s supply chain………?????????. Mr. K M Maani’s character shows he will go to any extend to survive and be in power politics.


The most unfortunate incident is that Mr. Joseph who lost his hand was terminated from the service by the Christian clergy led by Bishop of Kothamangalam. Since Mr. Joseph was an upright and honest person the role of clergy also a subject matter of investigation.


All the above facts point the finger of suspicion towards the unseen interlink between these communal forces and their evil design to conspire the sabotage of Kerala’s peace and tranquility.

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  1. Y Brandstetter MD permalink
    July 16, 2011 3:15 pm

    Dear matthew

    You asked in your post what would happen to the US if the CAIR rep was sec of justice etc
    Hey wake up: A CAIR rep, a Rashid Khalidi disciple, a Malcolm X disciple, an Edward Said disciple is the President of the United States!!! Have you not seen what he has been able to do from his post? The USA is insolvent and may go into bankruptcy!!
    Actually in India you are far stronger. You are not bound by the shackles of western PC Go ahead and do what you need to do, which is declare Islam a non-religion, but rather a violent ideology and close down all institutions buildings and places of gathering of such violent ideology, including of and not limited to Mosques and Madrassahs. Should the west complain tell the West they are welcome to take in all who feel persecuted. if the Mulsims complain tell them the same, they are welcome to take all those who feel unable to practice their ideology into their territory. On the other hand accept those who renounce Islam iun all its form and embrace Humanity

  2. July 16, 2011 5:25 pm

    Right place to post this is the blog in which the matter published.

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